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Application · Seal Kit RG78003. 1 черв. However, what if you were able to rebuild it instead. The reason we have you mark your Box is because we want the Steering Box to stop internally when the Axle stops. 99 $ 11 . Last edited: Saturday at 5:39 PM. 1965-'76 Chevrolet full-size cars 1967-'76 Camaro and 1968-'76 Nova . The 3" can be upgraded to the 12. This . Uses -6 AN adapters from 16mm and 18mm O-ring. . input for a simple steering shaft connection and are manufactured from OEM-quality cast iron. The other common casting number is a "5687962". Because the differences between a conventional 16:1 power steering box and a quick-ratio unit all are internal, it may be difficult to determine if a used box is, in fact, a quick-ratio unit. That’s exactly the case and we’ve found some step-by-step videos by Hutch Hi . You can locate one of the basic Saginaw "800" series power steering boxes in one of these vehicles: 1964-'76 AMC 1961-'76 Cadillac, including 1963-'76 Eldorado 1964-'76 Buick and Pontiac full-size cars and Riviera 1973-'76 Regal 1975-'76 Skyhawk, Seville, Monza and Starfire. Even if they look identical on the outside, there are internal differences. OEM #19330497, 15748668, 15781042,. Again, this prevents the Steering Box from damaging the Axle, Ram, and itself. 2015 р. These units have a 12 month warranty. 48-20021 Power Steering Box Seal Kit Stock Box for Early Ford . Jun 29, 2015 · The Borgeson Saginaw/Delphi 700 Series steering box, which can be ordered from Borgeson or JEGS (p/n 153-800205), is a variable ratio remanufactured steering box that shares the same dimensions as the original steering box. The rack is also the hydraulic piston that moves the steering geometry. When talking about 1960s through 1980s GM automobile boxes, most early B-bodies (full size GM cars) came with the 3. This is a Saginaw box. e. Its a Saginaw box, but it has an input shaft thats slightly larger than 3/4" (36 spline ford steering shaft doesn't fit!) 5 жовт. . . The mounting plate offers ample surface area for a complete perimeter weld onto your Jeep frame rail. I believe it's a 2. They list it as Edelmann 8780. Though the outside dimensions are identical and it uses a similar box as the the original, it’s what is inside that . 5 turn boxes give you the same power steering that the 4. In fact, truck boxes are but a . Steering Model. 27 бер. first find out what kind of steering box you actually have Saginaw 600 or . 13 жовт. 8 out of 5 stars 10 $261. . This Saginaw manual steering box fits many GM applications from 1965-1991 and probably many more. This video was uploaded from an Android phone. The most popular gearbox used in most '60s and '70s GM cars was the Saginaw 800 box. The 716838 is manufactured of cast steel and can be easily welded by a qualified welder. Auburn, CA 95602. This gear shares many features with other Saginaw Rotary power steering gears of that era and earlier. 25 boxes give, but . Jul 20, 2021 · Saginaw #5691676 $85 shipped . This casting number shows up on other Saginaw boxes from the 60's and 70's that had 4-mounting bolts, but different Large casting numbers on the bottom (like the "76" box). Centered between the 4 bolts that fasten the top plate to the steering box is an adjustment. Project Jeep CJ-7 – Installation of a Saginaw Gearbox. 2015 р. Uses -6 AN adapters from 16mm and 18mm O-ring . This one was a 4 bolt box but the three bolt boxes are easier. 1-855-577-7334. GM . 2012 р. Input shaft is 3/4"-30 spline 6. This unit uses a large piston and has a variable 17:1 to 13:1 turning ratio. Reservoirs & Overflow Bottles. Saginaw 69-70-71-72 Chevy Manual Steering Box #5679142 Used. Mounting a Gearbox Bracket That Means Business! 2 серп. Street / Hot Rod. The first is the O-ring that goes in between the screw and the stub shaft assembly. Saginaw Steering Gear is an Automotive Accessory Division of General Motors. 2018 р. Based off of the Saginaw 600 series box, our SB1 box is designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement for the Saginaw 700 series steering boxes commonly found on classic vehicles like the Camaro and Chevelle. but know that the 3. 2021 р. Manual Steering Gear Box Gearbox For Chevy Camaro Chevelle S10 GMC Olds Buick AMC Jeep XJ YJ TJ SJ MJ Replaces Saginaw 505 706 - BuyAutoParts 82-70031AN New 4. 26002502. I got the manual box on ebay for $35 and a complete column from a '74 DJ at a wrecking yard for $50. After it was all said and done, I have to agree that it is pretty easy. 4L motor and Mercedes ZF steering gear has had a leaking steering gear input seal for months. ·. At the time of the order please supply all numbers including casting numbers off your existing steering gear box. This small parts repair kit will fit many popular Saginaw made Manual Steering Gears used on GM and other manufacturers cars, trucks, and even many Industrial and Agricultural vehicles made since the 1960's. 2010 р. This small parts repair kit will fit many popular Saginaw made Manual Steering Gears . We are a huge fan of Saginaw style steering on all but the most original older Jeeps, and the engineers at Jeep seem to be on board using . A lower steering shaft for a 2002 TJ is required. Besides the seriously beefy construction, this bracket moves the steering box 1 inch forward which would give me the extra room I needed to clear my pitman arm from my tie rod. . The valving is designed for a more firm and precise steering effort. . WFO Concepts 10076 Streeter Rd. Jeep CJ-7 Gear Box Bracket. Dec 05 2016, 7:22pm. Disconnect drag link from the pitman arm. It's about a 5 hour job after you've done a few. Saginaw Side-Steer style manual steering box. 25". Rebuilding a steering gear requires care and special tools. Estimated Ship Date: 8/9/2021 (if ordered today) Estimated Ship Date: 8/9/2021 (if ordered today) Add To Cart. • There is a 2-inch jam ring, back it off, . The incorrect O-rings are both in the valve/stub shaft assembly. Dec 05, 2016 · Re: Saginaw steering gear box. Ford Bronco 66-96. Not all Saginaw steering boxes are the same. More Info Add to Cart. Resealing and rebuilding a Saginaw Rotary Valve power steering gear can be difficult if you do not have these tools or you lack experience with this kind of work…Rebuilt steering gear assemblies are readily available from a variety of sources, including Cardone, AC-Delco and others. Many enthusiasts have found that an easy way to upgrade the handling on a hot street muscle car is to convert to a Saginaw quick-ratio power-steering box by bolting in a replacement stock gearbox sourced from a local salvage . . Part Number: TMK-A4059. However, later model Saginaw units use a . 2019 р. RK550 Manual Steering Rebuild Kit For Saginaw 525 Series Manual Gears. It was originally founded as the Jackson, Church and Wilson Company in 1906, . These steering boxes are ideal for the offroad enthusiast that uses their vehicle as a daily driver. The 8523 is the previous style that was used up until the early/mid 90's. • For the following instructions, refer to illustration. I recently bought a 68 Camaro and it has a newer steering box already on it. Tapping a Saginaw Steering Box for hydraulic assist. Hello dear forum. 99 Get it as soon as Thu, May 6 This box is 3 ½ turns stop to stop which should be perfect. 31 січ. I found this 60-70 ish Corvette manual steering gear on my shelf . Aug 28, 2005 · 10. 25 turns lock to lock 25:1 ratio If you turn the input . Search our giant inventory of New-Rebuilt-Used Saginaw Steering Gears | Steering Racks for sale online. Saginaw Steering Gear Box Bracket, 1941-1971, Jeep and WIllys Item#: 991539. -6AN to M14-1. 8 лип. A slight modification of the Saginaw steering box is required. 916-32004 1941-48 Ford Frame Saginaw Steering Box Mount. Oct 26, 2018 · Saginaw 800 Power steering Box rebuild. . If you have a classic Chevy, a S10, or anything that uses a Saginaw steering box; you know that it will eventually need to be replaced. It accepts either our universal pitman arm (702-2940) or your stock GM arm (small style, like our 910-32552). This is a true recirculating ball side steer style gear box. 99. The tapped hole “D” must be drilled out to 1/2 . Fits: 1967 Mercury Cougar, 1967 Ford Mustang Our boxes are rebuilt here in the USA at a one man shop where. General Tech - Saginaw Power Steering box - ANYBODY out there!!!! (I've posted a better picture of the casting number and date code shown) I've been asking . Turn One’s SB1 Series steering box is designed as a level 1 upgrade over your stock box to give you improved feel and steering performance. We consider them to be the very best . It's a Saginaw unit with the following casting numbers/letters: 26000525 Z 309 on top of the unit and 25 is cast into the bottom. Uniforms GM began using Saginaw 800 quick-ratio steering boxes as a sport option on Chevelle, Nova and Camaro models in the middle to late Sixties. THE GMC MOTORHOME STEERING BOX By Don Wirth Theory of operation The Saginaw power steering box is a hydraulically assisted mechanical rack and pinion steering system different only in that the rack drives the pinion rather than normal where the pinion drives the rack. 00 + core deposit. 7:1 Ratio Power Steering Box This steering box will bolt to and can be utilized with the following steering box mounts: 916-32005 Model T-1934 Ford Frame - Steering Box Mount; 916-32003 1935-41 Ford Frame - Steering Box Mount; 916-32004 1941-48 Ford Frame Saginaw Steering Box Mount; Notes Used in GM mid-size cars from 1964-88. This steering box will bolt to and can be utilized with the following steering box mounts: 916-32005 Model T-1934 Ford Frame - Steering Box Mount; 916-32003 1935-41 Ford Frame - Steering Box Mount; 916-32004 1941-48 Ford Frame Saginaw Steering Box Mount; Notes Used in GM mid-size cars from 1964-88. They can easily be adapted to the majority of street rod models. While the former employees of Saginaw Steering Gear Plant 2 may no longer gather at the assembly lines five days a week, they still meet . This shows the correct places to make adjustments that will make a differen. 5 years ago. seat You'll also notice a casting number "5691676" on top next to the sector shaft cover. This is a guide to help you identify your Saginaw steering box and variations of each steering gearbox. Saginaw 69-70-71-72 Chevy Manual Steering Box #5679142. (A Pictorial) After ordering my hydro assist stuff the other day, I figured it would be a good idea to tap a steering box that already has problems so I don’t mess up my good one (when I get one). . Dia. (from steering wheel to rag joint) Total cost of parts was less than $100 including bolts and steel. 2019 р. Saginaw 800/808 Gearbox: 1960s-2000s GM Cars and small trucks. Set the arm aside for later installation. Not Yet Reviewed. 2 бер. This box has a quick 16:1 ratio, the rotation of . Saginaw Steering Box Disassembly : Step 1A . 17 Saginaw 800 3-bolt 12:1 Power Steering Gearbox For GM Classic Cars. . 9 вер. Look up Redhead steering Gear that would be your best Bet. Vehicle Specific. 2. Call the following number for the part. If you have a spam filter it is possible that stopped it. Saginaw 800/808 Steering Gearbox For Jeeps & Small Sized GM Trucks/SUVs. There are 5 different Saginaw steering boxes that Lee Power Steering sells and services. Article from The Modern Collectible column, Skinned Knuckles Magazine, June, 2014 by Orest Lazarowich. Saginaw 525 Manual Steering Box; 1965-1991 Chevy, GMC, Jeep, Oldsmobile, & Pontiac; 24:1 Steering Ratio; 3/4 in. My 2003 TJ SE with the 2. What year is your Jeep? Any play between your steering wheel and the input shaft on the steering box? How about the universal joint between the intermediate shaft and the lower shaft? A call to Firm Feel, Inc. 30-Spline Input Shaft . Note: Input shaft diameter (Measure across the splines) Hydraulic Ports—Type of seats (flare seats or O-ring) Casting number (usually found below side cover) Number of mounting . Whether you're looking to maintain, optimize, or upgrade, we offer competitive pricing on Advance Adapters Saginaw Manual Steering Conversion Kit - 716805 for your Truck or Jeep at 4 Wheel Parts. The leak has now gotten worse and it's time to rebuild it. The recirculating ball mechanism in the Saginaw power steering box wears naturally with use. Is there a way to identify a Saginaw steering box from the casting number in the side of the body? I have a GM Saginaw power steering box, . Steering Gears w/Saginaw Box Conversion Kit. OEM: Saginaw: Model: 710M: Unit Type: Remanufactured: Series: 710: Product ID: 710M: Description: SAG POWER STEERING GEAR BOX: Additional Info: Notes: Metric Casted . On Sale: $32. Many customers take lubrication standards from 1940-60s repair manuals or from internet forums. 2012 р. 00. . Has The Pitman Arm Also That Feels Good By Hand. 11 квіт. One of the most used steering box over time is the Saginaw. If you wanted to improve the steering ratio in your car . Re: Anybody know GM - saginaw steering boxes? I don't know jack about the finer details of the inner workings of a steering gear box, but . 25 quick ratio unit. On the Saginaw power steering gear boxes, this is the worm gear backlash adjustment. . com and look it up by vehicle. How To Identify Your Steering Gearbox. Check out our saginaw steering selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Saginaw. With our selection of quality brands and expert advice, we help boost your vehicle's performance and make a statement on or off the road. Notes. $745. Part Number: ST88-520. A-body and F-bodies came with the 3" gearbox. Once you have marked the Steering Box do not remove the Pitman . 590 in. If you tighten this screw you can easily ruin your . 19 квіт. US Seller. shaft 3/4" 30 spline, and 3 bolt mounting (Bolts to standard Saginaw 4 bolt pattern). It may be surprising to note that in a steering box of this type, there is a gear inside the box called a rack-and-pinion. The steering boxes feature a 3/4 in. We mainly supply: steering gear boxes, steering gear worm, steering gear sector, bearings, gaskets, races, pitman arms and accesories for the systems: GEMMER and SAGINAW. By Justin Banner - October 5, 2015. Oct 10, 2017 · Joined Aug 25, 2017. I searched this sub-forum hoping that somebody had previously asked and got an answer but I did not. . Anyway, this piece of rubber joins your steering column to your steering box, and its purpose in the steering system is to act as a vibration damper. We can provide both Hollander and Saginaw steering boxes. 21 трав. It is Nov 13, 2017 · Saginaw 800s come in two sizes; 3" and 3. Gear Oil Or Grease. Then I could get rid of my pitman arm hack job. About. This How To applies to the Saginaw Power Steering Box. Look Like It Could Use A Shaft Seal, Its a Little WetYou Can Message Me Thru EBay With Any . Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 10, 2017. 00 + core deposit. 1 product rating - Borgeson 800130 - Saginaw 700 Style New 12. The first adjustment is the input of the box where the steering shaft comes in. Tighten the inner piece like you would wheel bearings i. . 48-11002 Brand New Saginaw Power Steering Pump Black Reservoir for Early Ford Bronco $ 235. Quote Reply Topic: Quick ratio Saginaw steering box Posted: Nov/22/2015 at 9:33pm I've read how some folks go for the Saginaw quick ratio steering box from Camaros, and wish I had known about that when I rebuilt mine. Seams To Turn Nice And Smooth And Tight. Used Saginaw Steering Gear For Gmc or Chevrolet Truck. 2018 р. Saginaw Steering Sector Adjustment If you have a Saginaw recirculating ball-type steering, here are only two(2) adjustments to be made to this gear and the following procedure "must" be made step by step "in the order given. The box is a three bolt, metric hose end version. It is dribbling power steering fluid off the big nut on the . The kit includes a fat (like 1/8") one that just drops around the dogs on the screw. Suite #7. • If the steering arm on the Saginaw Steering Box does not point forward, remove it, (you may have to heat it and use a puller). Saginaw 800 Steering Gearbox 3 Bolt 14:1 Ratio For GM Classic Cars. Saginaw Steering Boxes are preferred for your build – this allows us to use 0-mile Parts. Timken A4059 - Timken Steering Gear Worm Shaft Bearings. 1 квіт. Login Oct 13, 2015 · Saginaw Steering Box Rebuild - Four Wheeler Magazine. . Saginaw Steering Gear · Remanufactured Saginaw Steering Gears · Dual Piston Gear, GMC-Chev. . The 716138 is designed to mount a Saginaw steering box to the front driver side frame rail. 25 turns lock-to-lock) with a 3-13/16" long input shaft with 3/4" 30-splines. I sent you an email on April 10th (tried to anyway) with a . Uses -6 AN adapters from 16mm and 18mm O-ring. Oct 05, 2015 · Rebuilding Your Saginaw Steering Box. #12381 - Steering Gear Box - SMB-C - 1 Inch . 26 груд. There are different versions of the Saginaw gearboxes and identifying them is tricky. Weld On. . Pick Your Poison? There is a great deal of mis-information regarding Saginaw Manual Steering gearboxes around the . Ford truck replacement drag link for Left Hand with Power Steering Gear 1991-1997 16,18, 20K Axle. 6 груд. Bore, Chrysler, Each. " 1. While this info was applicable then it is no longer pertinent today. $615. Universal Saginaw Steering Box Mount for mounting on the inside of the frame. Compare. Adjusting Screw Is Up Nice And High So It Can Still Be Adjusted. OEM P/N 52078705AD, or you can shorten at the collapsible section. Mar 05, 2018 · Hello, It appears that I need to get a custom power steering hose made and I need to know the type of fittings for the two Saginaw steering box high pressure and low pressure drain back line. One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum… Clothing Sets. Rebuilding Saginaw Rotary Valve Type Power Steering. 63,197 views . The Saginaw Steering box on my 76 has been leaking slowly for a couple of years. This is a Saginaw gear box, note the 4 bolts holding the sector shaft cover [​IMG] This is a Ford built steering box, Note the 2 bolt sector . $499. • Saginaw units may have a broadcast code printed on side cover. $300 Conditional Core Charge This product requires a deposit that will . Mike hooked me up with this SERIOUS aftermarket Saginaw Gearbox mount. 2015 р. All the boxes will interchange but you may have to change the rag jount. Plus they also have . RK550 Manual Steering Rebuild Kit For Saginaw 525 Series Manual Gears. Share More sharing options. pdf attachment telling about how to adjust that steering box, among other things. Its only function is . Finally I checked the pitman arm travel (using the same pitman arm on the original Plymouth box and the Saginaw box) both have 7 inches of travel stop to stop. We design and manufacture complete hydraulic . 2012 р. SAGINAW POWER STEERING BOXES & PUMPS We stock Saginaw power steering boxes from AGR, Inc. Since I did mine I found out that many of the old mail Jeeps (two-wheel-drive) are equipped with Saginaw steering. SAGINAW GEAR BOX ADJUSTMENT. They used shortened columns with universal joints and a shaft running forward to the Saginaw box. The Saginaw steering box is adjustable in place - certainly much easier than removing it and paying for a rebuilt. If that is right or not I can't say. Power Steering Pumps & Components. SAGINAW POWER STEERING GEAR BOX 26002502 1998-2005 INTERNATIONAL,CHEVY,GMC. I believe this box was installed on all Full-Size Jeeps that came with power steering. The Saginaw 68 and 86 are far and away our best-selling power steering gear boxes, most likely because of how many cars they were in and how . One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum… Clothing Sets. These troubleshooting techniques require nothing more than access to the steering gear and setting the steering wheel on center with the front wheels . Features of this article include the identification of parts, modification, . Steering Gear Assembly for many Taylor-Dunn vehicles with Saginaw steering box including models B-210, B-240, B-248, B-254, B-280, Taylor Truck model T-48 and many others +++ Also late 1980s and newer Nordskog and US Electracar Legend series 280 and 282 with Saginaw steering box. Save wishlist. 716882 : Saginaw Power Steering Box (o-ring fittings) (#716882) . 25" cannot. 2016 р. How to tighten up the Saginaw steering box on a GM classic, a 1971 Olds Cutlass. We manufacture the largest range of spare parts for manual steering gear boxes. Condition is "Used". Steering Gears. 2021 р. I know from first had experience 2 1/2 Turns stop to stop is a bit too quick for these cars. 31 серп. . The steering gear is of the recirculating ball nut type, six turns lock–to-lock, with a 24:1 ratio. Uniforms Saginaw Power Steering Gear In-Chassis Troubleshooting If you encounter leaks, looseness or wander with a Saginaw Rotary Valve power steering gear, some quick diagnostic steps will prove useful. Browse our Great selection of Steering Box at Southern Rods and Parts. Saginaw 708 Gearbox: 1960s-1986 GM Trucks/SUV’s. 5 O-ring Adapter Fitting Power Steering Hose Fuel Line 37 Degree JIC -6 6 AN AN6 9/16-18 Flare Thread IFM IMCA GM Saginaw 80-UP Gear Box Rack OBS Metric Made In USA $11. There is a great deal of mis-information regarding Saginaw Manual Steering gearboxes around the internet, and in print magazine and DIY manuals. This is too big and doesn't ride on the correct mating . 99. 2008 р. ST88-520 - Steering Box. Big lake, Minnesota. . 2018 р. they have a awesome Product and stand behind what they sell. I have a '69 DJ-5 -- this is a mail Jeep with the steering still on the left side, I guess from before they moved them to the right side. How many different configurations were there of the infamous saginaw steering box? I have one off a 78 Chevy C-10 silverwood I wanted to . Uses -6 AN adapters from 16mm and 18mm O-ring. I messed around with that steering gear for about an hour and I determined it would be possible to take about 1/16 May 18, 2015 · saginaw steering box questions I recently swapped a factory saginaw 800 high effort, quick ratio steering box from an IROC camaro into my 68 camaro and the improvement is great. $495. Saginaw Steering Gear (SSG) is the first automotive firm to mass produce the Browning A4 machine gun for the US government applying the same production line . 22 лист. The 525 box was hammered poop and just didn't fit well into the envelope I had. 1 черв. 7:1 fast ratio, the 3. During this time, one of the main steering boxes GM utilized was the Saginaw 800/808 (found in 1960s through 2000s GM cars and small trucks). Thoroughly cleaned with Varsol and a tooth brush, the 1980 Cherokee box sits in an expendable aluminum tray. A friend of mine, a so called "specialist" unfortunately managed to make my Saginaw 708 steering gear unusable when trying . The Borgeson gear box is a direct replacement, because it is manufactured directly from the original Saginaw plans. 2008 р. "Mitchell books" are used by junkyards to dtermine part interchangabilty. . 25" box, later models went with the 3". Steering Make. Dodge Truck 79-15. The non-integral refers to the box having no internal power assist and having no hydraulic lines connected to it. US$250. The mounting plate is designed for use with all four of the . The casting . Sector Shaft Inner Bushing, 15/16", 1946 . I usually just go on Rockauto. Jul 24, 2014 - GM Saginaw Model 800 Power Steering Box - Exploded view. 3 Bolt. • Chrysler units may require transfer of steering and control valve bodies (Refer to PT 27-0001). 17 $ 261 . Contact. We have been satisfying the needs for a wide range of brands and models from 1920 up to date. Borgeson OEM Saginaw 525 series manual steering boxes are the true OEM gears built to the original specifications and drawings from Saginaw, not an off-shore . 2017 р. I need a few more degrees of travel out of my pitman arm (mostly due to mismatched pitman/highsteer arms) so I'd like to increase the travel . Borgeson Universal Saginaw 525 manual steering boxes are recommended for manual box applications on all street rods, especially those over 2,500 lbs. Go to Classic industries website and open up the camaro catalog to steering boxes, this will explain, slow, standard and quick ratio box differences for 67 onwards. 27 Posts. SAGINAW GEAR BOX ADJUSTMENT The first adjustment is the input of the box where the steering shaft comes in. Now the older saginaw steering gear boxes actually had two seals and two washers in them later on they figured out that they . 71-73 mustangs also used the saginaw 800 steering box, however, the mounting tabs on the case are different, so they are not a direct bolt in. Ford Truck 70-15. Box has a 25:1 ratio (6. Steering Box Replacement Parts, Worm Shaft Bearing, 0. This is a very common steering gear and was used in many vehicles until the rack and pinion steering became popular. OEM: Saginaw: Model: 710M: Unit Type: Remanufactured: Series: 710: Product ID: 710M: Description: SAG POWER STEERING GEAR BOX: Additional Info: Notes: Metric Casted . This section deals with the Saginaw-design Ford Non-Integral Steering Box. Saginaw box or the German made one which they started using in 2003? They aren't the same. PSC Motorsports is THE leader in performance power steering. Used in GM mid-size cars from 1964-88. 00 + core deposit. Sep 19, 2016 · The manual steering gearbox in our ’65 GTO is a Saginaw unit (casting number 5679142), which is found in most GM A-body intermediates from 1964-’72, and Corvette models 1963-’67. These are PREMIUM GRADE rebuilt steering gear boxes for the 67, 68, 69, and 70 Mercury Cougar / Ford Mustang / Shelby. If you have a classic Chevy, a S10, or anything that uses a Saginaw steering box; you know that it will eventually need to be replaced. 34. Ford Car. There is a 2-inch jam ring, back it off, and then under it are 2 holes for a spanner wrench (if you do not own a spanner then a dull punch or chisel will work). By Stanglover, October 26, 2018 in Suspension, Handling, Brakes, Wheels and Tires. This style box was used from the late 1950's on up to their replacement by rack-and-pinion systems. New Saginaw boxes are available from AGR and Borgeson - a new box will always be the best solution when your old box is worn out. , in Vancouver, Washington, got Rounds a complete rebuild of his original Saginaw-sourced steering box, replete with quick ratio internals. . Your trusted source for quality Hot Rod Parts for your Street Rod or Custom Hot Rod .