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hydraulic lift table Capacity, 50 3/4in. Since fuel efficiency is a top priority for B&L, a digital weigh scal . Standard Units Available for Quick Shipment. capacity, the MC500R features a hand held remote control and a built-in, 110v, frame mounted hydraulic pump. Standard platform sizes from 24″ x 36″ to 48″ x 96″. Lexco powered and hydraulic lift tables and die handlers with capacities up to 6,000 lbs, USA Made Southworth Hydraulic BackSaver Lite Lift Portable Table . The power unit has of 2-5 HP power pack 3/8 hydraulic hose of length up to 5 meter. Manual Single Scissor Lift Table 330 lbs 29" lifting height SP150. Have your questions answered by our experts and get help placing an order. Easily service UTVs, ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, and other vehicles weighing up to 2,500 lbs. A table of this size and capacity of a table double its size, it only makes sense to own one! Hydraulic Lifts for Desks, Tables, & Workstations. The Lift Table is engineered to assist in industrial ergonomics powered by hydraulic. An Air over hydraulic motorcycle lift table typically are rated to 1,500 lbs or more and they are best suited to customers needing to lift vehicles heavier than the average Harley, such as "side by sides" and trikes . The Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables we offer are able to perform after mounted in a pit or a concrete pad. raised height. Series 35 Double Wide. The electro-hydraulic U-shaped lift table is characterised by a very low overall height and is designed for working with palletised goods. They can also be used to unload trucks, transport pallets, and put away merchandise. Vertical platform lift Hydraulic. The price match guarantee does not apply to refurbished, closed, or close out sales. Scissor Lift Tables Lifts everything from pallets to heavy industrial equipment. compare. L x 19. Why Consider a Manual Hydraulic Lift Table? Routine heavy lifting and leaving over in a suboptimal working position can cause potential back problems. HD Series Heavy Duty Scissors Lift Tables. Includes an overload bypass valve to protect the operator and pump. Greater Edge Load and Stability for Wider Loads. In many industries, the hydraulic lift table is essential to daily operations. We carry hydraulic lift tables with load capacities that range into thousands of pounds so your warehouse staff can safely lift crates and machinery. Need to fix your SLT-1650 (140779) Scissor Lift Table? Use our part lists, interactive diagrams, accessories and expert repair advice to make your repairs easy. Our customers have used it to lift waste from the basement level to the ground level for waste collections. Using our hydraulic system you can create create an adjustable table, desk, or bench. 4" lifting height SP500. The Kleton scissor lift tables add the value of mobility to the hydraulic lift table concept. 3 inches and a variety of platform sizes and lift heights. Hydraulic Lift Table - 2000 lbs. Platforms up to 72" x 96". Bishamon LoProfile LX Series - Scissor Lift Tables. 1000 pound capacity. Manual Single Scissor Lift Table 1100lbs 35. First, hydraulic power can handle even the heaviest loads safely. Center Post Hydraulic Lift Table | 2200 lb | PT-20-3036. Hydraulic Scissor Lift is design as a proven technology, standing the test of time. Convenient rebuild kits and replacement parts are available for all of our standard lift tables to keep them operating at peak performance. unit has 2 guide posts. Standard HW Series-4 Ton. Center Post Hydraulic Lift Table | 1100 lb | PT-10-2036. Ironton Hydraulic Table Cart – 1000-Lb. Hydraulic lift manufacturers will provide information and recommendations on how to service your table over time. The hydraulic lift tables operate with the help of power unit and push button control station. Vertical lift ranges of 24″, 48″ and 60″ for 8,000- to 15,000-lb. Industrial Hydraulic Electric Lift Table | 4400 lb | ETW2000. capacities. Series 35 Double Long. With dual hydraulic cylinders and wide scissor arrangement, this Lift Table has the weight capacity of 1,500lbs. Get ready to raise, move and handle heavy goods more conveniently than ever with this range of lift tables from Richmond. Lift Tables. High Capacity Scissor Lift Table for Elongated Loads. 9 inches to 4. Each table has a lowered height of 27″, raised height of 45″, and 18″ of vertical travel. These tables feature, optional foot operated control, lowered heights of 2. Lifting Heights to 56". HW Series. Presto Lifts offers an unmatched selection of scissor lift table styles, configurations and capacities. cap. In order to alleviate those concerns, a Lange Lift Table is a great investment for your facility. 4. ATI hydraulic lift table has the capacity to tolerate weights ranging from 500 to 50,000 lb and up to 70 in. Ironton Hydraulic Table Cart – 500-Lb. Lift Tables - Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Portable Southworth is the world's leading supplier of hydraulic scissor lift tables. $ 619. BestEquip Hydraulic Scissor 500LBS Capacity, Cart Lift Table Cart 28. customerservice@sunbeltrentals. : Vertical platform lift Marco Vertical platform lift Marco The basic model of our lift table range our multi purpose single scissor tables have many applications such as Facilitating handling Overcoming differences in levels Production flows Logistics flows The maximum stroke is usually platform length divided by 1 5 For higher strokes please see. Maintenance Free Bearings. Manual Single Scissor Lift Table 1760 lbs 39. Turn Tables Rotates products up to 360 degrees in one or both directions. Favorite. $299. Safety features include: electric toe guard to protect pinch points during lowering of the table, internal safety velocity fuse to maintain platform height in event of hose or . $219. Lift tables are designed to raise heavy loads from the floor level to a comfortable working height. Center Post Hydraulic Lift Table | 2200 lb | PT-20-2436. The hydraulic cylinder is operated by a foot pump, which can be pumped to the required height, proving a convenient and easy platform from which to work from. The hydraulic lift provides smoother . Request a Quote. 25 x 13. $3,492. Model No. The result is healthier and more productive employees, along with a more efficient operation with enhanced capabilities thanks to our easy to use scissor lift table models. Custom Finishes Including Two-Part Epoxy, Corrosion Resistant Coatings and Stainless Steel Available. If you have questions about your lift table or have one of our custom or modified lift products, call or e-mail us with your serial number. Effortlessly raise the platform 8" to 48-1/2" off the ground with the included air/hydraulic foot pump. Long-Tabletop Foot-Operated Mobile Lift Tables Lift tables are commonly used to position loads at an ergonomic height for packaging and assembly operations, to interface with machinery, and to change elevations of various logistics infrastructures. Scissor lift tables from Grainger help workers raise or lower heavy items to convenient working levels, helping reduce the risk of strained backs, injured shoulders and pulled neck muscles. It contains all the major components like Motorcycle Lift Tables. These lift tables go by many names such as mobile lift table, hydraulic lift table, scissor lift table, and portable lift table. with the Black Widow Air/Hydraulic UTV Lift Tables. These can be placed directly on the lift table from the floor using a pallet truck and lifted to an ergonomically advantageous working height. K & L MC500R Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift. Heavy-Duty Scissor Lift Tables – Premium Quality & Durability. All Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables are quoted the capacity within its deck size keeping with a . By failing to maintain it over time, you . Cancel Price Match. 1 (800) 667-9328. Capacity: 1100 lb. 5-Inch Lifting Height, Manual Scissor Lift Table w/ 4 Wheels and Foot Pump, Elevating Hydraulic Cart for Material Handling, in Grey. Series 35 Extra Narrow. The Ergo-Express® Motorized Platform Cart with Lift Table not only eliminates the daily struggle of transporting heavy loads, but also reduces the potential for back injuries. Speak To An Expert. $213. Automatic Charger with Cutoff. 99. Lowered Height: 10. 40. Manual Scissor High Lift Pallet Truck | 2200 lb | GS100. Raised Height: 31 in. Safetech Scissor Lifts Safetech - Australia’s leading supplier of hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables. Kleton Hydraulic Scissor Lift Tables, 660-lb/load, 19-3/4"W. 72. Air Powered lift tables are the most common. If you need a lift table, we have the broadest product line, largest inventory of stock models, the most flexible range of modifications and most experienced designers. Capacity - 77 in L x . High versatility. Freight Lifts - VRC Transfers freight between mezzanine levels. 300 lb. Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table. Center Post Hydraulic Lift Table | 220 lb | PT-02-1616. Versatility to Work In More Places. $399. Lange Lift hydraulic lift tables require minimal maintenance. With a hydraulic lift table, you will be able to position a load on a platform at an ergonomically correct height. 97. Their data sheets provide information on the different components and systems that you’ll need to maintain. Our hydraulic lift tables eliminate undue stress and strain on workers, enhancing safety and minimizing injuries. Find manual, electric and hydraulic powered scissor lift tables, elevating carts, transporters, tilt-top tables and more. CLL1. MSC# 89806244 Value Collection. High quality Stationary Hydraulic Lift Table With Robust Scissor Arm Structure Vertically Lifting Up And Down from China, China's leading small electric scissor lift table product, with strict quality control stainless steel hydraulic lift table factories, producing high quality stainless steel hydraulic lift table products. Standard HW Series-1 Ton. Four guide posts for the other units. 32. 1 (800) 667-9328 24/7 Support. Capacity, 34 3/4in. 5---35. com. And with stores located across Australia, we are able to supply customers in . Our standard lift table offerings includes, Hydraulic Lift Tables, Pneumatic Lift Tables, Portable Lift Tables, Floor Height Lift Tables, Extended Vertical Travel Lift Tables and Super Heavy-Duty/High-Capacity Lifts. Standard Features Include: Heavy duty steel scissors lift. Watch Video. Cannot be combined with promo code offers. 00. Midmark lift tables take the “strain” out of lifting large patients, to allow positioning them easily and quietly. These tables have a foot lever and hydraulic pump to raise loads and either a hand valve or hand lever for controlled lowering. Vertical lift ranges of 24″, 36″ or 48″ for 2,500- to 6,000-lb. Hydraulic Lift Tables in 2,000, 4,000 and 6,000 lb. Series 35 Extra Wide. 5,000 Lb Capacity Hydraulic Post Lift Table 37" Lift Height, 48" Platform Length x 32" Platform Width. A hydraulic lift table is a mobile platform that is fitted to a scissor lifting mechanism. Our hydraulic scissor lift tables are made from high quality steel, ensuring longevity and reliability throughout their service life. The air cylinder is started by a foot-operated valve that helps lift the table very quickly. We have an extensive range of quality, Australian made Lift Tables with a range of options available. With the ability to lift up to 300lbs and a surface area that measures 16. $274. $ 2,975. QTY: Hydraulic Lift Table - 6000 lbs. The LSH18 Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table places two LSH08 lifts end to end, resulting in a 48” wide platform that can be up to 316” long, with the ability to lift up to 20,000 lbs. Offering travel from 30” to 105”, and raised heights from 47” to 129”, this lift is powered by 4 cylinders and has a lowered height of 17” to 24”. As a market leader in the provision of materials handling equipment, we offer a wide range of high-quality electric lifters, platform lifters, and hydraulic lifting tables to meet your needs. Full featured electric hydraulic scissor lift tables are used by all types of manufacturing and warehouse facilities. 39. Our trained sales team and experienced design engineers are available to work with you on a design to suit your application. Capacity - 81 in L x 56 in W $53,182. Foot-Operated Mobile Lift Tables for Tight Spaces The top extends beyond the base for easier access to tight spaces and bench tops. We are pleased to offer a curated selection of compressed air, hydraulic, and air-over-hydraulic motorcycle lift tables at the lowest prices! Our quality lift tables come in a range of weight capacities and offer a variety of useful features designed to make servicing your bike in your garage or shop as simple as possible. Made in the USA, each portable hydraulic lift we . More Space and Support for Wide Loads. Browse below and view our line of industrial-grade hydraulic platforms. Instead, the hydraulic lifts include an air pump that presses hydraulic fluid into the cylinder. Just like the air lift, it is actioned by a foot pedal. Strongway 2-Speed Hydraulic Rapid XT Lift Table Cart — 500-Lb. Maintenance Free 12 V DC Battery. (0) Kleton tables are available in various capacities and travels to satisfy a wide variety of applications. Hydraulic Lift Table. Hydraulic systems remain the most enduring design for Lift Tables, and for good reasons. The steel lift platform measures 94-1/2" long, and is available in either 60" or 64" wide models. Copperloy hydraulic dock lifts feature: Capacities from 2,500 to 25,000 lbs. unit has one guide post, 1,000 lb. 00 Autoquip TRK-144-0020-T3. Advance Lifts is your trusted source for hydraulic scissor lift tables. Optional Platforms Including Conveyor Tops, Ball Transfers, and Turntables Available. $ 3,236. Hydraulic hand release to lower the table with ease and a quality hydraulic foot pump to lift the tables. Price: $2,960. Capacity, 28 5/8in. $75 /mo. The air lift is cheaper, which makes it more commonly used. Of course, this hydraulic lift table is not limited to motorbikes. Fully equipped, this lift table comes with a 1/3 horse power motor designed for lifting loads up to a 1000 lbs with ease. to 100,000 lbs. $664. 25 inches, it can safely accommodate objects that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. All models have an integrated hydraulic pump/cylinder assembly. Have Us Call You. Capacities are available from 400 lbs. 70 in. Our electric lifting systems provide a user-friendly control system for adjusting the height with the push of a button. x 32"L. Spacious work surfaces are complemented by multiple options including scale top for taking weight at the time of the exam and both hand and foot control options. Available with capacities between 1-4 tons. 500 in. evenly distributed. The hydraulic power of the lift systems provides lifting capacity of 250 lbs per leg. 4" lifting height SP800. JEGS reserve the right to determine the eligibility of all price matched items. Rugged and built-to-last, our heavy duty lift tables are suitable for a range of applications. 71. 73092---01 New 2013. 1, 2 or 4 post hydraulic lift tables Hydraulic center post lifts tabletop with rigidity. Hydraulic Lift Cart. They generally are rated to 1,000 lbs and operate quickly by way of compressed air. SJG Stationary Hydraulic Lift Table is a massive equipment that is specially designed to lift heavy items, such as cargo, in storerooms, factories and warehouses . The Lift Table weighs in at 620lbs, has a footprint measurement of 57" x 29" and the platform measures 48" x 24". W. This aspect makes our lift tables ideal for a broad range of operations such as lifting, accumulating, feeding, aligning, and several other production and assembly operations. $717. Pake Handling Tools – Hydraulic Manual Scissor Lift Table- Sturdy and Durable – 1000lbs Load Capacity. In Stock. The MC500R from K&L Supply is the first step in high performance, hydraulic lifts. Along with a 39" maximum raised height and an 1,100 lb. 4 out of 5 stars. Lift. BL-25M HD Hydraulic Lift Table The BL 25M HD is our standard quality of Heavy Duty lift tables. Serial No. Platform: 32 in. 30. With velocity fuses installed on cylinders, even the rare event of a ruptured hose will result only in the scissor legs locking, preventing potentially serious injuries. Hydraulic Lift Tables. $439. Standard HW Series-2 Ton. $ 598. tables. . Bishamon's LoProfile electro-hydraulic lift tables offer up to 4,000 pounds of lifting capacity with a convenient low profile. hydraulic lift table

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